Our Vision

Grace exists to be a fun and exciting church community where everyone can experience Jesus in a real way! 



Our Guiding PRinciples (Our Mission)

The Word, Our Firm Foundation

The Bible is the infallible Word of God and everything we do must be based on an un-compromised commitment to God’s Word 

Worship Jesus Passionately & Desperately

Our worship services & lives are to be an expression of passionate desperation for more of Jesus. 

Care for Each Other Deeply

Our commitment to each other is to rejoice when we win, support when we fail, and believe for the best of each other at all times. 



Live Beyond Ourselves

We believe the vision of Grace is not ful lled until every member is impacting others with God’s Love. 

Excellence In All We Do

It is our duty to re ect the excellent character of God by doing our very best with the resources God has placed within our hands.